2021-01-14 Daniel KirschtenMPROMEditor now calls its columns "Opcode" and "muPC" master
2020-12-13 Daniel KirschtenAdded a constructor for ModelSplitterParams; added...
2020-11-02 Daniel KirschtenBumped the version to 0.1.4
2020-11-02 Daniel KirschtenSBSE is now on per default
2020-10-27 Christian FemersUpdate README with links to the Mograsim website
2020-10-17 Daniel KirschtenExtracted the program counter into its own component...
2020-10-15 Daniel KirschtenIntroduced a wizard for new MPROMs
2020-10-15 Daniel KirschtenIntroduced Am2901x4 to make the Am2900 look cleaner
2020-10-15 Daniel KirschtenOpenPreviewOfEveryComponent now no longer simulates...
2020-10-15 Daniel KirschtenImproved usage of CoreModelParametersBuilder
2020-10-14 Daniel KirschtenBumped the version to 0.1.3
2020-10-14 Daniel KirschtenBumped the version to 0.1.2
2020-10-14 Daniel KirschtenFixed an error introduced when bumping the version...
2020-10-13 Daniel KirschtenWrote a utility previewing every component
2020-10-13 Daniel KirschtenReversed pin order of or4
2020-10-13 Daniel KirschtenCleaned sel2_4 and sel3_4
2020-10-11 Daniel KirschtenFixed another bug in DelegatingSubcomponentHighLevelSta...
2020-10-11 Daniel KirschtenCleaned ram2 and ram4
2020-10-11 Daniel KirschtenPins of demux2 are now ordered MSB on top; improved...
2020-10-11 Daniel KirschtenFixed a bug in DelegatingSubcomponentHighLevelStateHandler
2020-10-11 Daniel KirschtenIncreased a limit in TestEnvironmentHelper that was...
2020-10-11 Daniel KirschtenCleaned or_4
2020-10-11 Daniel KirschtenCleaned not4
2020-10-11 Daniel KirschtenCleaned dff4_finewe
2020-10-11 Daniel KirschtenIntroduced dff4 with no WE pin
2020-10-11 Daniel KirschtenRenamed dff4 to dff4_we
2020-10-10 Daniel KirschtenCleaned dff4
2020-10-10 Daniel KirschtenRemoved mux1_4_sb
2020-10-10 Daniel KirschtenReplaced mux1_4_sb with mux1_4 in Am2900
2020-10-10 Daniel KirschtenReplaced mux1_4_sb with mux1_4 in dff4
2020-10-10 Daniel KirschtenReplaced mux1_4_sb with mux1_4 in Am2904muSR
2020-10-10 Daniel KirschtenRemoved unused interface pins from andor414
2020-10-10 Daniel KirschtenReplaced mux1_4_sb with mux1_4 in Am2904MSR
2020-10-10 Daniel KirschtenReplaced mux1_4_sb with mux1_4 in Am2904
2020-10-10 Daniel KirschtenReplaced mux1_4_sb with mux1_4 in Am2901
2020-10-10 Daniel KirschtenReimplemented mux1_4 using multibit wires
2020-10-10 Daniel KirschtenRenamed mux1_4 to mux1_4_sb
2020-10-08 Daniel KirschtenCleaned dlatch4
2020-10-08 Daniel KirschtenCleaned andor414
2020-10-08 Daniel KirschtenCleaned and51
2020-10-08 Daniel KirschtenCleaned and41
2020-10-08 Daniel KirschtenCleaned Am2901SourceDecode
2020-10-08 Daniel KirschtenCleaned Am290DestDecode
2020-10-07 Daniel KirschtenFixed bit orders in Am2901ALUInclSourceDecodeInclFuncti...
2020-10-07 Daniel KirschtenContinued cleaning up components
2020-10-07 Daniel KirschtenStarted cleaning up some components
2020-10-07 Daniel KirschtenIntroduced sim speed description. Fixes #16
2020-10-07 Daniel KirschtenMarked fields of Am2900Machine as final
2020-10-07 Daniel KirschtenIntroduced Machine.getCoreModelParameters
2020-10-07 Daniel KirschtenUsing Builder pattern for CoreModelParameters now
2020-10-07 Daniel KirschtenFixed #17 (Mem editors stop one address too early)
2020-10-06 Daniel KirschtenFixed the linebreak
2020-10-06 Daniel KirschtenFixed spaces
2020-10-06 Daniel KirschtenImproved the build a bit
2020-10-06 Daniel KirschtenMarked MPROM as optional in MainMachineLaunchConfigTab
2020-10-03 Daniel KirschtenFinished MPROM support. Fixes #10
2020-10-03 Daniel KirschtenFixed a missing space in a Am2900Teaching's description
2020-10-03 Daniel KirschtenImplemented some infrastructure for MPROMs
2020-10-03 Daniel KirschtenUpdated to new SWTHelper version
2020-09-30 Daniel KirschtenUpdate
2020-09-19 Daniel KirschtenBumped the version to 0.1.1
2020-09-19 Daniel KirschtenAdded a TODO
2020-09-19 Daniel KirschtenMerge branch 'setup-deploy' into development
2020-09-19 Daniel KirschtenFixed the SSH command
2020-09-19 Daniel KirschtenUnmocked some things
2020-09-19 Daniel KirschtenFixed the environment
2020-09-19 Daniel KirschtenFixed the printenv command
2020-09-19 Daniel KirschtenTrying to trigger a deploy on the remote server
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenMaybe fixed dependency caching
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenUpdated to an even newer version of SWTHelper
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenAccess bits for id_rsa_deploy are now set before storin...
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenReplaced echo with printenv for better security
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenGitHub no longer logs in as mograsim, but as mgsdeploy
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenUn-mock the Maven build
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenProgress! But the build still fails...
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenMaybe found the bug
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenFurther debugging
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenFurther debugging
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenThe build fails; trying to find the error
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenMocked the time-consuming build process
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenAdded host identification
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenFixed the scp command
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenSetup automatic deployment
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenUpdated to new SWTHelper version
2020-09-13 Daniel KirschtenFormatted pom.xml
2020-09-11 Christian FemersUpdate Eclipse Tycho to 2.0.0 and Flatten Maven Plugin...
2020-09-11 Christian FemersCache Maven dependencies in GitHub Actions
2020-05-18 Daniel KirschtenFixed a bug in DoubleFieldEditor
2020-05-18 Daniel KirschtenMainPreferencePage: Added fields for line widths
2020-05-18 Daniel KirschtenRemoved old commented-out code
2020-05-18 Daniel KirschtenFixed a typo
2020-05-18 Daniel KirschtenImproved MainPreferencePage:
2020-05-18 Daniel KirschtenThe line dash of singlebit wires changes according...
2020-05-18 Daniel KirschtenAdded String preferences
2020-05-18 Daniel KirschtenRemoved old TODO
2020-05-18 Daniel KirschtenAdded the RenderPreference LINE_DASH_IMPROVEMENT_FACTOR
2020-05-12 Christian FemersUpdate Eclipse Maven Tycho to 1.7.0
2020-05-12 Daniel KirschtenChanged the IDs of Am2900Simple/Strict to Am2900Teachin...
2020-05-12 Daniel KirschtenAdded descriptions for both Am2900 variants
2020-05-12 Daniel KirschtenRenamed Am2900Simple/Strict to Am2900Teaching/Expert.